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Accessories for Trucks and Cars in Kamloops

Rocker Panels

Guard Your Car’s Body with Great-Looking Rocker Panels

Wherever you drive, your wheels will be kicking up stones, twigs and other debris. That can damage your vehicle’s finish. A stone chip or dent can encourage rust, or worse. With rocker panels from Kam Auto, your vehicle will resist rust and look better while you cruise the streets of Kamloops. We install chrome rocker panels or colour matched ones, so the options are almost limitless.

Why not underscore how great your truck is with stainless steel rocker panels or even diamond plate?

Stainless Steel on Your Truck is like Icing on a Cake

Stainless always looks fantastic on a truck and can add a lot of secure storage. Long-lasting and eye-catching, a truck bed lined with stainless extends its life and makes it more skid-resistant. Kam Auto Trim & Accessories installs whatever stainless you need, including crossover and side mount toolboxes. Call us today to find out about all your stainless options. Stainless is virtually rust-free, so you won’t have to worry about minor dents and scratches on your truck.

Bull Bars for Added Pickup Protection and Great Appearance

If you love four-wheeling in the woods or off-roading in Kamloops, you need protection from shrubs and other obstacles. Acting as a guard for your grille and radiator, bull bars also add great looks and set your truck apart from the rest.

Available with or without a skid plate, Kam Auto Trim & Accessories in Kamloops offers a complete line of bull bars that will match your SUV, pickup or 4X4.

Spray-on Protection for Truck Beds in Kamloops

If you use your truck for work, hauling or just day-to-day activities in Kamloops, you know how easy it is to scratch or dent the finish. Fortunately for truck lovers it’s also easy to protect your bed from with a spray-on liner.
Available from trusted names such as Armaguard®, Kam Auto Trim & Accessories can apply a durable liner in the colour and thickness of your choice.

Running Boards and Nerf Bars

Make it easier to get into your truck. With the height of today’s big 4X4s, pickups and SUVs, it can be a bit tougher to get up and into the seats. Running boards are great way for the average person to climb into taller trucks. They run the length of your doors and give you a comfortable stepping height. Kam Auto Trim has a wide assortment of running boards and Nerf Bars for you to choose from, in styles ranging from flashy to powder coated. They are lightweight, long-lasting and available in the style you want. Call Kam Auto Trim today to add a touch of style to your truck and make getting in and out of it easier. We also install bull bars and nerf bars.

Fender Flares

Ring your wheel with a touch of flair. A great way to give your SUV or truck a sleek new look is to add fender flares & trim. Kam Auto Trim installs upgrades for far less than a dealership. We also have more options than the major manufacturers, so you can get the look and protection you want without breaking the bank.

Fender trim like flares not only add style to your vehicle but also guards it from kicked-up road grime like mud, gravel and debris. Available in chrome, stainless or colour-matched to your vehicle, fender trim installed by Kam Auto is durable and long-lasting. Call us today for more information about fender trim that installs in minutes, without drilling.


Make a great first impression with a custom truck grille. Drive like you are leader of the pack with a custom grille installed by Kam Auto Trim & Accessories. Located in Kamloops, we install aftermarket grilles such as steel mesh, studded mesh, 3D mesh and shadow billet grilles. We also install custom emblems and grilles with LED lights.

Tonneau Covers for Trucks in Kamloops

Protect your tools, groceries and hockey bag from the elements and theft with a versatile, lightweight tonneau cover from Kam Auto Trim. We stock and install a variety of tonneau covers, including folding, retractable, roll-up, hinged, soft, snap-less and low profile. Add security and style to your pickup.
Available in sizes to fit most major manufacturers, we also offer colour-matching for extra style. At Kam Auto Trim, we have custom accessories for every truck in Kamloops.

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